The Team At Regain Recovery 

Clinical Director

Our Clinical Director and Registered Manager is a highly qualified practitioner with many years’ experience of working with severe psychological disorders such as anxiety, chronic depression, substance misuse and other issues.

She completed a post-graduate diploma as an integrative counsellor and worked in Private Drug and Alcohol Residential Rehabilitation settings, other agencies which specialised in substance misuse, both in the community as well as the NHS. She also ran a very busy private counselling practice in Kent.

She is passionate and committed to the provision of effective, excellent service to all clients and oversees all aspects of the therapeutic team’s input and service delivery.

Clinical Staff
Our clinical team includes a full time registered nurse, consulting GP and qualified therapists.

All of our therapists are highly trained, professional individuals who have experience of working with all types of psychological issues. They are fully qualified and are BACP Accredited (or equivalent) as counsellors or psychotherapists.

They will provide 1:1 intensive therapy, group therapy and group therapy interventions, alongside integrating the structured social observations of the treatment mentors into the individualised treatment plans of each client to meet their therapeutic outcomes and reintegration.

Recovery Workers
Our Recovery Workers are an essential part of our team and they play a pivotal role in the delivery of both our therapeutic service and the structured social processes that are integral to the successful treatment outcomes for our clients. They will ensure reciprocal communication is maintained at all times.

A Recovery Worker will be individually allocated to each client and will ensure that each client is included in their individualised treatment planning and decisions regarding their treatment outcomes.

They will have a full understanding of the Regain Recovery Model and will assist each client in the preparation of their ‘Continuous Recovery Plan’ They will also assist with clients’ discharge planning to help and ensure that plans are in place to support the client’s ongoing recovery when they return to their home environment.

Family Liaison Therapists
For some of our therapeutic treatment plans it will be important for a client’s family to be involved in some parts of their recovery process. Our liaison therapists will be working alongside the family to help them manage their experience of the situation and identify what interventions may be necessary to help the client’s reintegration back into their civilian life.

The FLT’s will be fully trained in the Regain Recovery Model to maintain the same clinical approach across the treatment spectrum and provide a seamless process between the client’s experience of treatment and their family’s.

They will also be fully trained and Accredited practitioners with the BACP (or equivalent) and will have experience of working in complex therapeutic situations and also inputting into a clinical team, to ensure the best possible outcome for all.

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