The Stages of Detox

Here at Regain, there are three stages of Detox:

1. Evaluation
This step will assess:

Your medical history will be discussed with you and if necessary blood tests will be carried out
The presence of alcohol and drugs through urine, breath, or blood testing
The person’s current mental health state
Any existing medical issues
The most appropriate strategy

2. Stabalisation

This begins with familiarising the client to the detox process as well as providing medical and/or psychological services to treat symptoms if required. During the first 24 to 48 hours the client is checked hourly, vitals are taken, and various tools used to assess the level of withdrawal and to ensure the medications are taking effect.

3. Ongoing Treatment

Detox alone does not constitute full addiction treatment. As withdrawal symptoms resolve throughout the detoxification period, therapy will typically begin and further treatment to increase the chances of sustained recovery will be discussed.

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