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Regain Recovery is an Alcohol Recovery centre based in Kent which provides residential and outpatient treatment programmes and offers intensive, individualised therapy as well as medically monitored detoxification in calming, peaceful surroundings. With us, you will be able to reflect, restart and regain control of your life.
Registered with the Care Quality Commission.

The Programme:

No two clients at Regain Recovery go through the same journey, we provide comprehensive, personalised treatment plans tailored to ensure that you’re treated as an individual. We offer an exclusive combination of several therapies to cater and adapt to your needs, always putting you first.


Our Detox programme  allows you to safely and comfortably clear the body completely of the unwanted substance and manage symptoms of acute withdrawal. We provide a full medically managed detox to all clients who require this.

After a period of evaluation and assessment, we will create an individualised and tailored alcohol recovery programme specific to you and your treatment needs. You will have a dedicated therapist who will work with you throughout your stay and your dedicated recovery worker will work alongside you to ensure maximum benefit from your individualised therapy programme. We are a small treatment centre where you will receive a personalised treatment programme and not get lost in a large group setting, like many other rehabs.

Recovery is a journey, we will work with you to develop the tools you need to maintain a life free from alcohol addiction. A life free to feel joy, to experience inner calm, to manage stress, engage in healthy activities and build and maintain healthy and caring relationships. You will leave with a completed “Regain Recovery” plan.

BESPOKE alcohol recovery programmes

Regain Recovery offers a complete confidential, individualised alcohol recovery programme for all our clients. Our intimate facility, located close to West Malling in Kent, offers a peaceful comfortable ‘home from home’ environment, providing excellent care throughput your stay.
The centre can be made availabe for sole use if required.


We will treat you and not just your addiction. We use the Regain Recovery programme which runs 7-days per week. Everyone is different, and for this reason, we tailor our programme to meet your individual needs.

Group Therapy

There are several small group therapy sessions throughout the day which offer a wide range of therapy interventions.

One to One Therapy

You will be assigned a focal therapist who will provide you, if required,  One to One sessions. These will occur on a daily basis and will last approximately one hour.


It’s important to remember that the time you spend at a Regain is the start of your journey and adjusting to life after rehab can prove challenging. In collaboration with you,  will also develop an individualised aftercare programme, which will look at all aspects of your life and address critical areas that may influence a high risk of relapse.


We are a small clinic with a high ratio of staff to client involvement. Our therapists and clinical staff have years of experience in providing cutting-edge ‘reality’ therapy and life-changing treatment. 


We  offer a range of activities to promote health and well-being, from intersting walks  and exercise to relaxation and meditation.

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Our Detox & Rehabilitation Centre is located outside West Malling in Kent with easy access from all areas.

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