Individualised Alcohol Recovery Aftercare Programme

Coming into treatment at Regain Recovery is the first and most important step for your recovery, however, it is only the first step. The time you spend with us a very small period of time compared to the many years that follow in recovery.

For many, adjusting to life after treatment proves more challenging, especially with the loss of the routine and structure you experience during your stay here. The reappearance of external factors and influences when you return to your previous life will be very challenging.

As part of the Regain Recovery Recovery Aftercare Programme, in collaboration with you, will develop an individualised Aftercare plan for you. This will look at all aspects of your life after treatment and will address critical areas that may influence a high risk of relapse.

Continued therapy is an important part of your aftercare and you will be put you in touch with one of our Family Liaison Therapists (where possible) to continue the therapeutic programme after you leave.

Loneliness and isolation is a major risk factor for relapse. We will ensure that you have contacts and a support structure that you can use to ensure you have the strongest chance of sustained recovery.

In times of crisis, early contact with one of our recovery workers is critical and they will ensure that you have this support at all times.

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