A recent global survey showed people in the UK got drunk more often than anywhere else in the world.

It reported Britons to get drunk on average, 51.1 times in a year that equates to almost once a week.

The report, which had participants from 36 countries, found people from English speaking countries got drunk most ofter:

  1. Britain – 51 times per year
  2. USA – 50 times per year
  3. Canada – 48 times per year
  4. Australia – 47 times per year
  5. Denmark – 42 times per year
  6. India – 41 times per year
  7. Ireland – 41 times per year
  8. Mexico – 38 times per year
  9. Czech Republic – 37 times per year
  10. Finland/ Belgium – 35 times per year

The culture in Briton has long seen alcohol as synonymous with good times, celebrations and relaxation. Many holidays, such as Christmas and Easter have an alcoholic beverage associated with them and many of our favourite venues and activities are accompanied with alcohol; a trip to the pub, BBQ at the beach, festival and concerts and the list goes on.

People who consider themselves to be non-alcoholics still can relate to the desire to go to a party a bit tipsy or to have a glass of wine in the bath to relax them. There’s also the sensation in British culture that you’re almost obliged to drink in certain social situations for not to be left out or have less fun.

If you already feeling dependent on alcohol, these cultural pressures can cause you more issues than the average drinker. There’s, of course, no problem with enjoying the occasional drink, however, when the feeling you need alcohol to join in and have fun, that’s the sign of an alcohol dependency issue.

If this article raises concerns about yours or a loved one’s drinking contact us to discuss how the team at Regain Recovery can help.

Regain Recovery partner centres offer detox and treatment programmes supporting clients to address the many issues that may have caused them to develop a dependency on alcohol and providing them with a way forward to manage this dependency. Take a look at The Regain Model or our signs of alcoholism for more details.

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