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Treatment Models Offered

Our treatment models

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Programs are tailored, but as a guide, the following shows typical treatment models used at Regain Recovery

Family support is an indispensable resource when helping your loved one recover from their addiction.

Not only is the family involvement necessary for the loved-one to recover, and feel supported, but family bonds and relationships often need to be mended.

It is important that everyone is aware of how they can influence the process and how they may need to change their own behaviour also.

Sample Daily Program

We are all individuals with individual needs and we tailor a program to suit you. The following is a guide of what a typical weekday at Regain may look like:

9:00Goals for the Day
9:15Journal Process Group
10:00Psycho-Educational Group
11:30Group Therapy
13:30Individual Therapy
15:00Mindfulness / Expression through Music / Expression through Art
16:00Group Activity/individual Therapy
19:00Evening Support Group – Inhouse/Outside
The weekend will vary slightly to include family visits, outside activities etc.

Key therapeutic features

Therapeutic Program

We provide a full therapeutic daily program to our clients including 1:1 therapies. Whilst we support 12 step ideology we do not use a 12 step approach in our therapeutic program.

  • Models include:
  • Group Therapy
  • CBT
  • EMDR
  • Creative Groups
  • Psychodynamic Therapy
  • Mindfulness


Our Detox program allows you to safely and comfortably clear the body completely of the unwanted substance and manage symptoms of acute withdrawal.

We provide a full Medically Supervised detox to all our clients who require this.

Regain Recovery Plan (RRP)

Going into recovery will have its own challenges and to help you through this process, developing your own continuous recovery plan helps to keep you on track.

We will work with you and use our Regain Recovery Plan model to help you structure a plan whilst you are with us but more importantly that can be used when you leave to Regain your life and lead you to long term recovery.