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Regain Recovery made such a positive impact on my life – I now have a life! Gerri and all the staff were amazing and worth their weight in gold. They helped me to see that I was not hopeless and/or a lost cause. Their kindness, patience, knowledge and programmes, gave me my voice back and I found my self-worth and self-confidence again. The skills I left with stay with me every day and will continue to do so. The educational side was fascinating and made so much sense – I was finally with people who understood and more importantly didn’t judge! I truly am a different person now – I’m the best sober version of myself that I can be! The facilities are 5*; the grounds, the house, the pool… the whole ambiance promotes a clean, calm, comfortable, safe environment. The days flew by, helped along by a structured timetable, and there was always someone to talk to, day or night. The therapy sessions assisted immensely; both the one-to-one’s and the group meetings were relaxed but informative, sometimes hard but always encouraging, and although the thought of rehab may scare you, I can promise you that you will not feel scared whilst there! It was like being with a big, natural, caring family, and, it wasn’t all tears – Even at my lowest I found that I still had the ability to laugh! In essence, I can not recommend Regain Recovery enough! In my opinion, they are “literally” lifesavers!”

“I have nothing but the highest praise for Regain Recovery. I have some experience, both professionally and as a client, of addiction, and Regain are in a class of their own in terms of offering a respectful and grown up attitude towards care. The therapy is very individual with both group and one-on-one sessions, and offers the experienced help that is needed without being blinkered or preaching. In my case this care continued, when non-residential, in the same adult fashion, as normality returned. These thoughts were certainly echoed by the other clients I shared my time with, and their recovery was as plain to see as mine. The fact that all this happens on a backdrop of comfortable rural living with fantastic accommodation and facilities is just a bonus. From my experience Regain is very well named, and I would recommend it both completely and unreservedly.”

“I stayed at Regain for one month in January 2017. I was at a very low point and quite honestly, desperate to change. Regain, Gerri and the team helped me to understand and explain my behaviour and most importantly, gave me strategies to avoid getting into “self-destructive behaviour.” It is a lovely calm and comfortable place, away from distraction and temptation which was exactly what I needed at the time. The advice and counselling was sincere but not “preachy.” I was very apprehensive about going at the beginning as being male, I don’t share feelings well but it was by far the best thing I could have done at that time to rebuild my self-esteem physical being. The gym and the pool are great and the food was absolutely great!”

“I went to Regain in 2018 having spent time in other rehabs both in the UK and overseas. My main reason for choosing it was that it focused on a few clients at a time rather than 20+ people establishments where there’s either always a drama or you don’t receive the personal therapy which Regain offers. In addition the surroundings and rooms looked gorgeous. When I arrived I was delighted as it truly is a haven of respite. The rooms are large and very comfortable with wonderful views and the food is totally delicious. And the large grounds are stunning. What stood out for me though was that all the staff genuinely care from the gardeners to Shane and Gerri the owners. I felt supported from day 1 and not just on a rehab conveyor belt. The therapies I received were world class – intense at times and different to the therapies I had previously had but very effective. When I was struggling there was always someone I could talk to 24 hours a day. I’m currently 7 months sober and I cannot recommend Regain Recovery highly enough. It has given me my life back and today I have choices and opportunities in my life because I’m no longer a slave to active addiction.”

“The clinical team were very receptive and sympathetic to my situation and I felt encouraged to participate in different therapies and activities. I would definitely recommend Regain to others.”

“So for me Regain Recovery really was a lifeline and I say that with no hesitation or exaggeration. After 4 hospital admissions to detox and be treated for severe alcohol withdrawal in the space of 2 years my family were so concerned for me they looked into treatment/rehabilitation centres. About 5 days into a 8 day detox at torbay hospital my mum visited me and showed me photos/website of regain and explained she had been speaking to Gerri and felt very confident and reassured that this was the place for me. I was still very sick and didn’t totally understand what was really happening just that I did need help – hospital had fixed me physically in the past but not mentally as I went back to drinking almost as soon as I was discharged. My last detox was particularly hard and painful and I was still feeling sick from detoxing and my anxiety levels were through the roof when I was discharged from hospital and headed to my start at Regain. I didn’t know what to expect and to be honest I didn’t care “I was so broken mentally, physically,emotionally and spiritually that I felt I just couldn’t carry on living like this anymore. I arrived at Regain and was made to feel welcome,relaxed,cared for but most importantly I felt safe. With the right care and excellent food I soon began to feel well – like I hadn’t felt for years. With well balanced care and therapy I soon realised that my life could change for the better and it was up to me to make it happen and carry it on after leaving. Regain in all its form taught me how to understand my addiction and how to deal with it. I also learnt how to deal with and understand myself and my emotions which I had not been able to do before. The environment,staff and the programme are faultless, in the 6 weeks I was there I never heard one member of staff complain or moan about their job! ( Well not in front of me anyway) seriously though they are a amazing bunch of people that I think of even now as friends. I had tried to give up in the past and tried AA which works for some people but for me personally I needed more and I got it through throwing myself into a treatment programme that I would recommend to anyone who needs it! I think you get to a point in any addiction when you know you need to do something about it and seek help! Regain Recovery has given me the opportunity to turn my life around and I will be forever grateful for their help and support.”

“I would describe Regain Recovery as gentle and welcoming. The service and overall quality of food was excellent……good menu choice. The spa facilities were also excellent.”

“The centre was very clean, comfortable and every need was accommodated. The night staff along with the day staff were excellent.”

“I was extremely satisfied with the quality of food…….the chef is excellent.”

“I cannot think of anything I would change at Regain… the service and therapy I received were first class.”

“There was a family atmosphere but still professional in all the relevant areas – warm, friendly and relaxing.”

“Thank you all for your wonderful program and support. While I know we still have a long road ahead (Christmas!! Yikes!!), you have already completely transformed our lives. “

“A wonderful building more than fit for purpose and it made it difficult to leave. The attitude of the staff was excellent – it really did feel like family and home. “

“I was more than happy with the services offered at Regain. I would like to thank everyone for my continued support. All my needs were met and I found all the staff to be professional.”

“Regain was very welcoming and safe, and the staff were friendly and respectful.”

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