Detox can sound daunting for those who don’t understand the importance and reasons behind a detox before starting therapeutic treatment for alcohol dependency. In this article, we cover the way detox is managed at Regain Recovery partner centres.

Firstly, do not stop drinking completely until you’ve spoken to a medical professional. A sudden cessation of alcohol consumption when dependent on alcohol can have detrimental effects on the body, including seizures, cardiac arrest and stroke.

When you arrive at Regain Recovery partner centre for detox, you will receive blood tests to determine what medication their GP will prescribe for your detox period. During the first 24 hours, you will be monitored hourly by their medical staff and regularly thereafter until your detox is complete.

During the detox period and after the first 24 hours, clients are encouraged to attend groups and therapy sessions. Once the detox has been completed swimming and light exercise is also encouraged. The centre’s chef will create a nutritious menu designed to help the body recover and refuel.

If this article raises concerns about yours or a loved one’s drinking contact us to discuss how the team at Regain Recovery can help.

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